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Group Organization

The meetings are organized due to the free association of students who wish to participate and are facilitated by local contacts who have requested to do so. The meetings are held weekly, fortnightly or monthly according to the different needs of the groups and they last approximately two hours.

Each participant can contribute to the organization of the meetings, the selection of venues and the preparation of the meeting space. It is also possible to participate remotely, via web, for students who wish to be present, despite their physical distance from the group.

Each local working group has its own territorial reference in the person of one or more students, who have taken on the task of host facilitation. In places where host facilitators are not yet present, by asking for the necessary didactic material and following some preparatory steps, it is possible to take on the role of host facilitating a local group.

Medidiscipline LDA, Patrizio Paoletti, Ideas Knowledge of Excellence, International School of Self-Awareness are not responsible for the supervision of the local groups, and reserve the right to remove them from the lists present on the website, without prior notice, due to reasons such as the inactivity of the group, complaints or any other valid cause.