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The regulations

The following regulations support the work of the independent groups of students. Compliance with the indications below determines the possibility of working in the groups.

1 . The groups are self-organized on a voluntary basis, to allow the students who wish to do so, to explore the themes of work proposed by the International School of Self-Awareness;
2 . It is always necessary to remember that the choice to embark on a path of improvement is free and personal, just as the choice to attend the meetings is free and personal;
3 . The meetings take place in full respect of the diversity of experience of observation and study of each component and have the sole purpose of supporting participants in their personal improvement;
4 . The groups maintain their relationship with the ideas of the work if the components that participate in them commit themselves to exploring deeply the themes proposed by the International School of Self-Awareness;
5 . As the groups are self-organized, it is absolutely necessary, for logistical reasons,  that participation in the meetings is communicated in a timely manner to the host facilitators in charge at that time.

Medidiscipline LDA , Patrizio Paoletti, Ideas - Knowledge of Excellence, International School of Self-Awareness are not responsible for the supervision of the local groups, and reserve the right to remove them from the lists present on the website, without prior notice, due to reasons such as inactivity of the group, complaints or any other valid cause.