IDEAS · Knowledge of Excellence International School of Self-Awareness
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Art in the Work

“It is not theater that is necessary, but something else entirely. Overcoming the boundaries between me and you: managing to meet you so I will no longer lose you in the crowd, nor among the declarations and gracefully set out ideas, letting go of the fear and shame that your eyes force me to feel when I am available to them “completely”. Not hiding myself any more, being what I am, at least for a few minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, one hour. Finding a place where such a union is possible…”  Jerzy Grotowski

The use of art in the International School of Self-Awareness is aimed at observation and self-investigation, to rediscover beauty as a shared standard and parameter of attention, harmony and presence.

During the courses, students can practice movements and dances, experience music and singing, encounter the wide range of visual art forms and experience theater.
The movements, song, dance, and the use of artistic images support students in attaining a higher awareness of their being. Within the classes, these disciplines are tools for investigating oneself, through the final, shared goal of creating group artistic performances.