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The octaves are exercises that the International School of Self-Awareness makes available to its students and that last for a defined period of time. The exercises are carried out in common everyday contexts and through through the tool of self-observation, they are valuable opportunities for personal research.

The exercises are called octaves in reference to music theory, as they describe the movement from an initial note “do” to the same note “do” belonging to a higher octave. Just as the musical scale is composed of different notes, the octave is also composed of different moments that represent the stages of learning. It is necessary for students to complete all of the stages that make up the exercise in order to be supported in achieving the result.

The octaves are intended to raise students’ awareness in relation to their functioning and to the other people and the environment that surround them, by relating themselves to daily objectives. The students uses these exercises to reduce the dispersion produced by all their forgotten or disregarded, unfinished processes and to understand how to use themselves in the best way possible.