IDEAS · Knowledge of Excellence International School of Self-Awareness
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The school and its working groups

For students who are duly enrolled in the meetings Ideas – Knowledge of Excellence, if they wish, they may participate in or give rise to self-organized working groups in order to share experiences and observations. All people have unique characteristics, determined by their geographical and cultural origin, social status, education received and lifestyle choices.

Through the meeting of these diversities, the work in the groups offers the opportunity for students to enrich themselves with a valuable range of experiences, in this way allowing them to widen their own. 
The self-organized groups of the International School of Self-Awareness are required to acquire and follow the Regulations.

Medidiscipline LDA, Patrizio Paoletti, Ideas Knowledge of Excellence, International School of Self-Awareness are not responsible for the supervision of the local groups, and reserve the right to remove them from the lists present on the website, without prior notice, due to reasons such as the inactivity of the group, complaints or any other valid cause.