the development of spiritual intelligence

The International School of Self-Awareness offers the knowledge and tools necessary to all people who are searching and putting their attention towards the process and the meaning of life itself.

HUMAN INNER DESIGN IDEAS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF SELF AWARENESS. Humanity has always asked itself certain existential questions: who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? The answers to these questions cannot be taken for granted. They come from an attentive research path that creates new perspectives and comprehensions. These deeply motivate those who participate in the path and orient them towards a different meaning of their daily lives. Drawing upon philosophy, arts, science and economics (the noble circuit of human evolution) the International School of Self-Awareness offers the knowledge necessary to all those who are searching and putting their right attention on the process and the meaning of their own existence.

Development of new competencies

In the last 30 years the development of emotional intelligence in human resources was considered as a fundamental approach for determining corporate success by the greatest leaders. In a more volatile context that is uncertain, complex and ambiguous the great and rapid changes of modern society show us the necessity of another ability defined by Patrizio Paoletti as spiritual and existential competencies.

There are great figures who left their mark on history, changing our own way of understanding history in the fields of philosophy, arts, sciences and economics. Figures such as Gandhi, Picasso, Einstein and also more eclectic and extraordinary minds such as Gurdjeff, Krishnmurti and Steiner are examples of leaders who have developed the ability of “knowing how to reflect on fundamental themes of our existence by developing the propension for abstract reasoning for universal, conceptual categories”.

For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? ‘ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” Steve Jobs



IDEAS ∙ International School of Self Awareness proposes an inner research that can be achieved through teachings, seminars, special theme courses, sessions of movements, meditations and artistic performances. This can happen in self organized groups or individually. This path is rooted in daily life, in relationship to various philosophies, arts, sciences and traditions and is constantly verified through your own lived experiences. The School invites all those who are searching, daily, for a concrete evolution.

Expected results

Thanks to a process of constant development, flexibility and speed, you will be able to take maximum advantage from daily events.

Incarnating the 5 keys of leadership for the 3rd Millennium:

  • Role– organize a new representation of yourself in the world
  • Responsibility– bring into focus the ability to contribute for the benefit of a greater whole
  • Priority– develop the ability to discern in relation to what is central and what is peripheral
  • Delegate– become sensitive to the laws getting involved and of participation
  • Control- develop mastery of yourself and a global vision in the dynamics of the whole

‘’It is the awareness of ourselves that makes us the protagonist of our story.’’


The Founder

Patrizo Paoletti has always affirmed that the future of our species is in the awareness of the whole. Considered a man of peace, and a long-time mentor, influencer, Patrizio is the founder of the International School of Self Awareness and has dedicated his life to the creation of methods and practical tools for knowing oneself.

Internationally recognized for its contribution in philosophical and scientific fields, for over thirty years he has been engaged in the development of the idea of ​​Human Inner Design. This is a system of knowledge, methods and techniques aimed at making a person aware that drawing and redesigning the scenography of one’s inner world determines the relationship that the individual has with life and the ability to change.

His ideas and formats are innovative and effective. They are aimed at guiding and supporting personal and collective change. His strategic vision and creative abilities have transformed the international education landscape over the past two decades.

It is important to note that the validity of his methods are also confirmed by the research in the field of neuroscience via the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation in collaboration with international scientists, institutes and universities such as Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv and Sapienza University of Rome and CNR.

As a personal and corporate mentor and inspirer, he is also the creator of “21 minutes – The knowledge of excellence”- a multimedia platform and annual conference where Nobel laureates, neuro scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and many other innovators from all fields, led by Paoletti , accept the challenge of recounting the values ​​that inspire their life.

For over 30 years Patrizio Paoletti has been promoting the development of an integral conscience in his school.

The work proposed by Paoletti, through a complete system of methods and techniques, in recent years has allowed thousands of individuals to awaken in themselves to the aspiration for a higher quality of life, love for beauty, to the healing power of forgiveness of oneself and of others as well as gratitude for every moment.

The work
on oneself

Study of the Ph.A.S.E System
Philosophy, Art, Science, Economics and Inner Design Technology:
The inner world, the of shaping, the technology of the self.


The 12 Benefits of the Mind


Philosophy• Art• Science• Economics

1st Trimester

Move towards the origin
The art of envisioning

Refine your sensitivity
The search for beauty
Discovering the universal laws


The search for harmony
The discovery of the principle
Using the universal laws

Practices and techniques for physical well being


Philosophy• Art• Science• Economics

2nd Trimester

Training strategic thinking
Where everything begins
The law of the sphere

The search for a shared truth
The interior art of discipline
The relationship of the whole and its implications

The symbolic language of art
Perceptions as nourishment
I feel, I want, I can therefore I am

12 months for development, growing and evolving


Philosophy• Art• Science• Economics

3rd trimester 2020


The world of possibility
The search for love, beauty and harmony

Relational communication
A new man
The work on yourself

Unity is everything
The 7 pillars of knowledge
The 9 steps of love

Selected classes and special themes


Philosophy• Art• Science• Economics

4th trimester 2020


The brain’s hemispheres
Art as envisioning

The idea of repetition
The vision


The law of three
The law of seven
Creating your own destiny


Philosophy• Art• Science• Economics

2 Seminars


The dimension of representing what is real
Define and cultivate aspiration
Facing the transcendent

Silence, Enjoyment, Emptiness
Study of the mind
The 5 powers of the mind

The inner technologies
Millenary traditions
Quadrato Motor Training

Tracing the route
Gratitude as a relational advantage
The science of the place

4 trainings in residence in order to live at another speed

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